For Northwest News On COVID-19

Letter from the KJEM Manager:

Dear Jazz Enthusiast,

KJEM is the student-run Jazz service of Northwest Public Broadcasting, which is a valuable resource for local and national news.
KJEM is on the air, primarily for your enjoyment and as a learning tool for Washington State University students, however, due to the current virus outbreak, we are utilizing the larger staff and resources of NWPB to keep you updated as best we can. Due to the current restrictions on WSU and student activity, many of our student staff are currently working remotely, in a limited way.

Professional broadcasting staff at NWPB will be more involved in KJEM in the coming weeks to ensure KJEM is relevant and useful to you during the pandemic.
You will be hearing COVID-19 updates and information throughout the day on KJEM.
For more updates about COVID-19 in your community, visit our NWPB parent website here:
You can also listen to other NWPB services at
We look forward to helping you stay informed – and relaxed with good Jazz – during this difficult time.
If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please, contact us!

Be well.

Hannah Whisenant
KJEM Professional Adviser and Manager