Sam Friend On ‘Song Travels’

Sam Friend.

Sam Friend and his band the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys play jazz, blues and originals, drawing on the sound of grassroots jazz combos from a century ago.

In this edition of Song Travels, Friend joins host to discuss his transition from New York trio musician to New Orleans bandleader. He shares his love of traditional “jass” with a rendition of “Sweet Lorraine” on six-string banjo.


Set List

  • Sam Friend (voice, banjo), Michael Feinstein (piano), “Nothing To Do” (Friend)
  • Sam Friend & The Hoodoo Sauce, “Honey, I Found You (excerpt)” (Friend)
  • New Orleans Swamp Donkeys, “Dreamer (excerpt)” (Friend)
  • Friend (voice, banjo), “Where My Baby Goes” (Friend)
  • Johnson, Lang, “Jet Black Blues (excerpt)” (Johnson, Lang)
  • New Orleans Swamp Donkeys, “I Can’t Stop Logging On Facebook (excerpt)” (Friend)
  • Friend (voice, banjo), “Strange Love” (Friend)
  • New Orleans Swamp Donkeys, “A Long Time Ago (excerpt)” (Friend)
  • Friend (voice, banjo), Feinstein (piano), “Sweet Lorraine” (Burwell, Parish)
  • New Orleans Swamp Donkeys, “If You Ain’t Payin’ We Ain’t Playin’ (excerpt)” (Friend)